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I am a Generalist Programmer with extensive AAA experience with C/C++ in custom game engines. Having over 4 years experience in all area's of the discipline, the majority of it lies within gameplay and core teams, with the ability to develop systems from scratch as well as modify and debug existing systems. I have worked on games which have released on multiple platforms, and have strong communication skills in order to ensure a polished final product that matches the needs of the design.

Professional Experience

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Professional Experience

Octorber 2018 – Present

Experienced Programmer / Codemasters Cheshire

Dirt 5 - Trailer
  • C++ Development, Custom Engine, Visual Studio, PlasticSCM, Jenkins

  • Xbox One, PS4, Steam, Xbox Series X and PS5

  • Designed and developed multiple systems at a core/game level for the game.

  • Strong focus on Data-Driven development, making it easy for fast iteration by the disciplines providing data, and easy to add more data types to add to the product.

  • Strong communication with other disciplines in order to provide support and tools for in-game systems.

  • Experience with data and memory management, as well as optimisations.

  • Supporting work and mentoring towards other areas games including Networking, Replays, UI and AI.

  • Experience jumping into existing systems to modify and bug fix as needed, to bring them to standards.

  • Support for automation and testing.

Grid (2019) - Trailer
  • C++ Development, Custom Engine, Visual Studio, Perforce, Team City

  • Xbox One, PS4, Steam

  • Provided code support to debug systems and ensure the fixes met the standards of the designers.

  • Worked with QA to understand bugs better and provide more robust fixes.

September 2017 – September 2018

Junior Programmer / Sports Interactive, London

Football Manager 2018/2019 - 2019 Trailer
  • C++ Development, Custom Engine, Visual Studio, Perforce, Jenkins

  • Steam, Switch

  • Contributed to the ​Football Manager Pre-Game Editor and the systems that used it.

  • Identified issues with the editor and improved user experience and error code support.

  • Added new features to the game, and exposed the data elements of the features to the tool, with validation.

  • Provided mentoring and support for more Junior members of the team.

Free to Play Mobile Game (To Be Released)
  • C++ Development, Custom Engine, Visual Studio, Perforce, Jenkins

  • iOS, Android

  • Implemented new gameplay features into the game.

  • Added automated testing for new gameplay features.

  • Introduced analytics to the game, which could be used with automated testing to collect game data for balancing.

  • Collaborated with UI/Art teams to implement UI features for the game.

September 2016 - December 2016

Placement PAL Leader / Bournemouth University

  • Provided support for 1st Year Students on the same course.

  • Provided Lectures and Lab Sessions on programming, attaining an internship and my experience as an intern.

  • Provided code support and mentoring on improving skills as a programmer.

September 2016 - December 2016

Intern Game Developer / Coolgames, Amsterdam

Projects include:

Experience Includes:
  • HTML5 Javascript Development, Custom Engine, Webstorm, Git, Jenkins

  • PC, Tablet and Mobile HTML5 Browsers

  • Multiple full project cycle development

  • Fast iterative protoyping

  • Agile process and strong collaboration with other disciplines

  • Experience debugging and fixing existing projects

  • Gamejam experience

  • Gameplay and Core/Engine side programming

September 2016 - December 2016

Programming Intern / MyMiniFactory. London


  • HTML5 Javascript Development, Python Server Backend, Git

  • PC, Browser based.

  • Benchmarking and profiling code

  • Optimising performance

  • Optimising memory management

  • Adding new features to the code.

  • 3D Printing Enhancements

  • 3D Math enhancements and algorithms

  • Code refactoring and simplification


( 02 )


September 2013 - November 2017

BSc (Hons) Games Programming  / Bournemouth University

  • Graduated with an upper second-class honours

  • Created my custom game engine over the course

  • Implemented an Entity-Component System

  • Implemented OpenGL with techniques such as Hardware Instancing and Lighting

  • Created a real time fluid simulation for my final year project

  • Created a basic ray tracer using CUDA for an assignment

  • Prototyped various game ideas and participated in multiple gamejams

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity

  • Multiple feature assignments to understand the basics of AI, Networking, Physics and UI

Side Projects

( 03 )

Side Projects

Began January 2020


  • Created with C++ in Visual Studio

  • Followed the LunarG tutorial for understand Vulkan

  • Understanding how translate OpenGL code to Vulkan

  • Implementing basics graphics techniques

  • Playing around with shaders

Began November 2018

Charlie - page - github

  • Github Gameoff Entry for a Gamejam running the whole month of November​

  • Worked with one other person as the programmer

  • Created with Visual Studio and Unity

  • Created a 2D platformer with player control over world appearance

Began August 2018

Twitch Bot

  • Created with C++ within Visual Studio

  • Implemented low level networking using TCP sockets

  • Implemented threading concepts

  • Data-driven approach

  • Stat collection and analysis


( 04 )


Video Games

I've been a big fan of video games and have enjoyed playing a lot of game competitively. These games include League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, Teamfight Tactics, Counter Strike and Valorant. Besides that, there are other games I really enjoy, particularly for PC and Nintendo platforms such as Pokemon, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Life is Strange and Prison Architect.


Having played various sports for my life, I really enjoy participating in team games such as Football. At Sports Interactive and Codemasters I was able to play with the companies, whilst at Coolgames I was able to play Pool. During COVID-19, I've found myself mostly getting my exercise at my home gym whilst I wait for things to pass.

Social Activities

At Bournemouth I was on the League of Legends committee. Since then, I have participated and organised various events with many companies such as being on the Social Committee for Sports Interactive and providing Tournament Organising support at Codemasters. I love to take an opportunity to socialise with friends and colleagues.

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